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Blue Gecko Southwest

Blue Gecko Southwest was “born” in Leavenworth, KS in 2005.  It took me a few months to think of a name for my business that would “fit” what I wanted to do.  I knew that eventually I would live in the Southwest and realized that I wanted a name to reflect that image, thus the Blue Gecko Southwest name.

I had always done handcrafted items for family and friends for Christmas and never thought about selling to the general public.  My “AH HA” moment happened when I made SPA bags for the staff of 25 that I managed at the time.  Shortly thereafter, several of the staff came to me wanting to buy more soap.  That when I realized that I had a product that was marketable!

As I tell other crafters – there is no moment as sweet as when someone buys something you made!  Soon after, I started building my inventory and started selling at the local Farmers Market and at the PX on Ft. Leavenworth.  I soon learned that I needed more and different items so started experimenting with different products, including gourmet doggie biscuits and pupcakes.  My mantra – what is selling and what is just sitting there – and go from there to determine what you will be making.

Moving around as a military spouse, I was soon selling in Virginia, in New Mexico, in Texas and in the states we toured when in our 5th Wheel.  As a result of selling at church and school craft shows, I was able to hone my marketing and networking skills, plus develop a following.  A few of my items are in France and Germany! I have returning customers requesting my designer tote bags, Southwest print fleece jackets and soap on a regular basis.

My goal was to build my hobby into a business.  This website is a culmination of the work I have done to develop the Blue Gecko Southwest brand.  I have developed workshops on “Taking your Hobby to a Business” and will be putting those workshops n the BLOG page.

Visit Blue Gecko Southwest often to discover new items and new BLOGS!

Keep crafting!!